Slide: Main Composition working final


Slide 1: Main Composition


Slide 2: Alternative Carbon Line Chair


Slide 3: Glass door design showing bunker entrance or lab


Slide 4: Glass door design with lighting effect through glass door


Slide 5: Subtle lighting on right and left main bunker entrance


Slide 6: Subtle lighting without logo on main bunker doors

The following accessory assets have been masked out in Photoshop for transparent overlays for design use. Not finished art.


Original Comp Slide: Art assets can be reused in other compositions

The following chairs have been masked out in Photoshop for transparent overlays on backgrounds.

Carbon line

Carbon Grey front
Carbon Grey and Blue Front
Carbon black White inclined

Ferrino Line

Ferrino Brown Black angle
Ferrino Brown Black front
Ferrino Red Black pillow front

Ferrino XL Line

Ferrino XL Black and White front
Ferrino XL Black front
Ferrino XL Black low arm rest front
Ferrino XL White and black sets front

Finish Line

Finish line Black and White inclined
Finish line Red and Black front
Finish line Red Black side angle